Mini-Test Answer: 慢走!

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is C.


Nǐ huíqu ba, búyòng zài sòng le.
A: 你   回去 吧, 不用    再   送  了。
You can head back, no need to see me off.

Hǎo de, nǐ mànzǒu
B: 好     的,你   慢走。
All right, take care.


A: “快走 (kuài zǒu)” means “to walk fast.”

B: “跑 (pǎo)” means ” to run.”

C: “慢走 (màn zǒu)” literally means “to walk slowly.” Here it means “take care.”

D: “走(zǒu)” means “to walk.”

Chinese Cultural context: In China, the host says “慢走” out of courtesy to get their guests to stay longer.

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