Mini-Test Answer: Lucy doesn’t want to go to KTV to sing.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer for this test is A.


        Wǒmen qù KTV chànggē, hǎo ma?
  Lily: 我们     去 KTV    唱歌,   好     吗?
Let’s go to Karaoke to sing, shall we?

        Wǒ bù xiǎng qù.
Lucy: 我  不 想     去。
I don’t want to go.


In Chinese, people use the phrase “我不想 (Wǒ bù xiǎng)+v+something” to express their refusal or unwillingness to do something. Sometimes the “something” can be omitted. For example, “我不想看书。 (Wǒ bù xiǎng kànshū.) I don’t want to read this book.” As long as the context is clear, then the “something” can be omitted. The phrase would be, “我不想看 (Wǒ bù xiǎng kàn).”

If you want to express that you can’t do something because another situation is preventing you from doing so, you can use the phrase “我不能 (Wǒ bù néng)+v+something” which means you can’t or are unable to do something. Here, the “something” can also be omitted. For example, someone asks you to go out, but you are busy at work. You can say “我在工作,不能去。(Wǒ zài gōngzuò, bù néng qù.) I am working now. I can’t go.”


Scene: Tom asks Mike and John if they want to play football.

         Zánmen qù tī zúqiú ba!
Tom: 咱们      去踢足球    吧!
Let’s play football!

         Wǒ bù xiǎng qù.
Mike: 我   不 想     去
I don’t want to play.

         Wǒ bù néng qù, wǒ zuòyè hái méi xiě wán ne!
John: 我   不 能     去,我 作业   还  没   写   完 呢!
I can’t go. I haven’t finished my homework!

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