Mini-test Answer: 乱七八糟 (Advanced)

Advanced Level 高级 (gāojí)

Correct answer: B


A. “七上八下 (qīshàngbāxià)” means an unsettled state of mind.

The Chinese character “七 ()” refers to seven; “上 (shàng)” refers to
up;   “八 ()” refers to eight and “下 (xià)” refers to down.

B. “乱七八糟 (luànqībāzāo)” means disordered or be in a mess.

      The Chinese character “乱 (luàn)” refers to disorder; “七 ()” refers
to seven;”八 ()” refers to eight and “糟 (zāo)” refers to be in a mess.

C. “七嘴八舌 (qīzuǐbāshé)” means everybody to talk at the same

The Chinese character “七 ()” refers to seven; “嘴 (zuǐ)” refers to
mouth; “八 ()” refers to eight and “舌 (shé)” refers to tongue.

D. “三心二意 (sānxīn’èryì)” means half-hearted.

      The Chinese character “三 (sān)” refers to three; “心 (xīn)” refers to
heart; “二 (èr)” refers to two and “意 ()” refers to an idea or meaning.

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