Mini-test Answer: Let’s Talk about the Weather!

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The correct answer is B.

In the above conversation, it is clear that the weather is the main reason they won’t go shopping. “Rain” in Chinese is 下雨 (xiàyǔ), so the right answer is B.

A. 下雪 (xiàxuě), means “to snow.”

C. 有风 (yǒu fēng), means “to be windy”

D. 有雾(yǒu wù) means “to be foggy.”

All of these terms are verbs. “It will snow tomorrow” in Chinese is: 明天会下雪。 (Míngtiān huì xiàxuě.).

There are also several adjectives to describe the weather in Chinese. Some common adjectives are:

温暖的 (wēnnuǎ nde): warm

寒冷的 (hánlěng de): cold

凉爽的 (liángshuǎng de): cool

炎热的 (yánrè de): hot

晴朗的 (qínglǎng de): sunny


   Jīntiān xiàwǔ yǒufēng.

1. 今天   下午     有风。

   It will be windy this afternoon.

   Jīntiān hěn lěng.

2. 今天     很    冷。

   It is cold today.

   Tiānqì hěn yánrè.

3. 天气    很  炎热。

   The weather is hot.

I hope now you will feel free to talk about the weather when somebody asks you what the weather is like in Chinese.


How do people say the weather is cool in Chinese? ____

A.  温暖的 (wēnnuǎn de)                  B. 炎热的 (yánrè de)

C. 寒冷的 (hánlěng de)                    D. 凉爽的 (liángshuǎng de)

Answer:  D

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