Mini-Test Answer: Lana is such a show off!

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)

The right answer to the test is C.

         Kànkan wǒ zhè yìshēn, gòu měi ba.
Lana: 看看     我   这    一身, 够    美 吧。
         Look at me! Don’t I look beautiful in this new dress?

         (Xiàozhe shuō) Nǐ kě zhēn gòu chòuměi de.
 Amy: (笑着   说) 你 可 真     够     臭美     的。
         (Said with a smile) Come on, you’re such a show off!


In Chinese, “臭美 (chòuměi)” is used to describe people who love to dress themselves up, sometimes it also carries a sarcastic tone when being used to tease someone who’s bragging. Although “臭 (chòu) smelly” and “美 (měi) beautiful” are totally opposite in meaning, when used together, they mean to showing off or brag. It’s often a phrase used between those on familiar terms.


          Kuài kàn! Wǒ de xīn fāxíng duō piàoliang de!
Mary: 快    看!    我 的 新   发型     多     漂亮      的!
          Look! My new hairstyle is so hot!

          (Xiàozhe shuō) Xíng le, nǐ shǎo chòuměi le!
   Lily:(笑着     说)   行    了,你 少    臭美    了!
          (Saying with smile) Oh come on, stop being a show off!

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