Mini-Test Answer: 高尔夫 (gāo’ěrfū)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is A.


A. “高尔夫 (gāo’ěrfū)” means golf in Chinese. You can also say “高尔夫球 (gāo’ěrfūqiú).”
B. “羽毛球 (yǔmáoqiú)” means badminton in Chinese.
C. “乒乓球 (pīngpāngqiú)” means table tennis or ping-pong in Chinese.

For examples:
Wǒ xǐhuan dǎ gāo’ěrfū.
我    喜欢   打    高尔夫。
I like playing golf.

Jiějie shàncháng dǎ yǔmáoqiú.
姐姐    擅长          打   羽毛球。
My sister’s good at playing badminton.

Note: In Chinese, people use the character “打 ()” which means  to play (ball), such as “打篮球 (dǎ lánqiú)” and “打乒乓球 (dǎ pīngpāngqiú).” With “足球 (zúqiú),” people use the word “踢 ()” to mean “play” since we use our feet. Therefore we have “踢足球 (tī zúqiú),” which translates into “play football.”

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