Mini-test Answer: 从 (cóng)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is D.


Wǒmen cóng rènshi dào xiànzài yǐjīng hǎo jǐnián le.
我们       从     认识    到     现在   已经   好  几年 了。
It’s been years since we first met each other.

A. 离 (lí)  prep. from

B.  才 (cái) adv. just/only

C.  到 (dàoprep. to/v. arrive/reach

D.  从 (cóngprep. from/since 

“从…到…” means “from…to…,” which can be used to connect two words.

For examples:

从一到十 (cóng yī dào shí) from one to ten

从早到晚 (cóng zǎo dào wǎn) from morning to evening

从北京到上海 (cóng Běijīng dào Shànghǎi) from Beijing to Shanghai

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  1. “才” means “only” or “just” and indicates that something is less than expected, to a certain extent. For example: “她才十二岁就获得了国际大奖。(Tā cái shíèrsuì jiù huòdé le guójì dàjiǎng.) She won an international prize when she was only twelve.”

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