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Chinese Mini-Test: It’s Been Years Since We First Met Each Other.(Beginner)

May. 6, 2011

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.

Wǒmen    rènshi dào xiànzài yǐjīng hǎo jǐnián le.
我们         认识    到    现在    已经   好  几年 了。
It’s been years since we first met each other.

A. 离 ()

B. 才 (cái)

C. 到 (dào)

D. 从 (cóng)

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The answer to this online HSK test is D. Right?

“离” and “从” are both prepositions. For example: “我家离学校很近。(Wǒ jiā lí xuěxiào hěn jìn.) My home is close to my school.” “从我家到学校很近。(Cóng wǒ jiā dào xuéxiào hěn jìn.) The distance from my house to school is quite short.” Notice that “从” can be used together with “到,” while “离” cannot.

This online HSK test is really good. Can any teachers help me with the difference between “离” and “从?”

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