Mini-Test Answer: 潮 (cháo)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer to the quiz is “B.”


Lily is dressing fashionably today for a party. Jen sees her and says:

      Hāi, nǐ jīntiān chuān de hěn cháo ma.
Jen: 嗨,你今天    穿      得   很    潮    嘛。
      Hi, your clothes are hot.

      Dāngrán, dōu shì jīnnián zuì liúxíng de.
Lily: 当然,    都    是   今年    最   流行   的。
      Sure, these are the most popular styles this year.


The word “潮 (cháo)” literally means tide. Today it is usually used to mean “fashionable.” When saying that someone is very “潮 (cháo),” it means that the person is very trendy. For example, “潮人 (cháo rén)” means those people who are very trendy and unique. So in the conversation above, Jen thinks that Lily’s style of dress is fashionable.

Lady Gaga zhēn shì tài cháo le.
Lady Gaga   真    是 太 潮    了。
Lady Gaga is very fashionable.

Jīnnián cǎisè xì shì zhòngduō cháo nán cháo nǚ gòngtóng de xuǎnzé.
今年      彩色 系是    众多          潮    男     潮   女   共同        的   选择。
Many boys and girls who love fashion will choose bright colors this year. 
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