Mini-Test Answer: C

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for this test is C.


                Nǐhǎo, huānyíng guānglín.
Waitress: 你好,欢迎        光临。
                Hello! Welcome to our cafe.

                Nǐhǎo, liǎng bēi kāfēi, yì bēi jiā nǎi, yì bēi jiā táng.
       Tom: 你好,两    杯  咖啡,一杯 加  奶,一杯 加  糖。
                Hello! Two cups of coffee, one with milk, the other with sugar, please.

                Hǎo de, qǐng shāo děng.
Waitress: 好   的,请    稍     等。
                OK! Just a minute.


The conversation above is mainly about expressing drink order details in a cafe. In the conversation, “两杯 (liǎng bēi)” means “two cups of,” In Chinese “杯 (bēi),” is a measure word. For example, you can say: 我要三杯茶  (Wǒ yào sān bēi chá) meaning “I want three cups of tea,” or 我要一杯水  (Wǒ yào yì bēi shuǐ), which means “I want a cup of water.” “加 (jiā)” is a verb meaning “to add.” “加奶 (jiā nǎi)”  means to add some milk. For example, if you feel a dish is a bit bland, you can say: 我想给菜里加点儿盐 (Wǒ xiǎng gěi cài lǐ jiā diǎnr yán), or “I’d like to add some salt to the dish.”


                Māma, wǒ xiǎng hē yì bēi kāfēi.
Daughter: 妈妈,我 想     喝 一 杯  咖啡。
                Mum, I want a cup of coffee.

                Tài wǎn le, hē yì bēi niúnǎi ba!
    Mother: 太  晚 了,喝一 杯  牛奶  吧!
                It’s too late for coffee. What about a cup of milk?

                Hǎo de.
Daughter: 好   的。
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  1. I like the lesson but however, would it be possible to have the speaker on so that we can at least listen to the pronunciation of the sentences.

    Thank you

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