Mini-Test Answer: B. Ellie broke up with her boyfriend.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is B.


          Ellie, nǐ zěnme le?
Lucy: Ellie,你怎么 了?
          Ellie, what’s wrong?

          Wǒmen fēnshǒu le.
 Ellie: 我们       分手     了。
          We broke up.


The word “分手 (fēnshǒu)” means for two people to part or to say goodbye. Nowadays, it’s generally used to indicate that two lovers have broken up. “分 (fēn)” means to divide and “手 (shǒu)” literally means hand. It’s a phrase with apt imagery, denoting that the lovers will sadly never again be hand in hand together.


Yóuyú jùlí yuányīn, tā hé nǚ péngyou fēnshǒu le.
由于   距离 原因,他和  女   朋友        分手   了。
He broke up with his girlfriend because they lived so far apart.

Fēnshǒu hòu, tā de xīnqíng yìzhí bù hǎo.
分手         后,她 的 心情    一直 不 好。
Since breaking up, she’s always in a bad mood.

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