Mini-test Answer: A Large Crowd (Advanced)

Advanced Level 高级 (gāojí)  

Correct answer: C


Let’s first look at the meaning of this Chinese dialogue.

  Wǒ zhōumò qù shì zhōngxīn guàngjiē le. Zhēnshì rénshānrénhǎi a!
A: 我     周末   去 市      中心        逛街   了。 真是        人山人海     啊!
I went to the city center to go window-shopping last weekend. What a large crowd there was!

Xìngkuī wǒ méi qù, wǒ zuì pà rén duō le!
B: 幸亏     我 没 去,我 最 怕 人   多 了!
Fortunately I didn’t go. I have a great fear for large crowds.

A. “Whole-heartedly” is the meaning for “全心全意 (quánxīnquányì).”

    “全 (quán)” represents the meaning of “全部 (quánbù) whole.” “心 (xīn)”
means heart and “意 ()” means thought.

B. “Be exactly alike” is the meaning for “一模一样 (yìmúyíyàng).”

    “一 ()” means one; “模   ()” means pattern and “样 (yàng)”refers
to appearance.

C. “A large crowd” is the meaning for “人山人海 (rénshānrénhǎi).”

    “人 (rén)” means  people; “山 (shān)” means mountain and “海 (hǎi)”
means sea.

D. “Boundless” is the meaning for “无边无际 (wúbiānwújì).”

    “无 ()” is a primitive meaning for “no;” “边 (biān)” and “际 ()”
both represent the meaning of “边际 (biānjì) boundary.”

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