HSK Sample Chinese Test: Introduction

Basic 初级 (chūjí)

HSK Sample Test Question:


A. 房间

B. 同学

C. 对象

D. 公司

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0 thoughts on “HSK Sample Chinese Test: Introduction”

  1. I think the right answer for this HSK sample test should be B. Because I have learned “同学” means “classmate.” If “介绍” means “introduction,” it can really make sense. I can’t figure out what’s the meaning of the answer C.

  2. Yes, “同学” means “classmate” in English. But I think the correct answer for the HSK test should be C. “对象” have the meaning of “男朋友 (nánpéngyou) boyfriend” here.

  3. In this HSK test, I found the phrase “以前 (yǐqián),” but I’m not sure what it means. I only know “从前 (cónɡqián),” which means “once upon a time.”

  4. i think the answer to the question may be ‘c’..a little confusing because ‘b’ can also be the answer.

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