Conquering IB Mandarin B SL Writing: Analysis of Wrting Task 1 in 2019 Exam

IB Chinese B poses some difficulties for Chinese learner. Today, we will explore the first question of the May 2019 exam to explore the methods of writing.

Writing approach analysis:

Firstly, the introductory paragraph should serve as a transition, discussing the current situation and people’s perspectives on outer beauty and inner beauty,can also elaborating on the significance of outer and inner beauty in today’s society.

The topic requires the exploration of “cultural diversity” and the clear expression of one’s viewpoint, either in agreement or disagreement, along with the reasons for that stance. Therefore, it is essential to first establish one’s perspective. If in agreement, it is important to explain the significance of outer and inner beauty for an individual.

For instance, outer beauty can provide more social and career opportunities, while inner beauty can help a person have a foothold  in society and gain the trust of others. However, both are indispensable, and a balance of both is required for success in today’s society. If in disagreement, it is vital to first articulate which aspect is considered more important, followed by the reasons.

For example, if one believes that inner beauty is more important, it is necessary to explain why they prioritize inner beauty, such as the fact that even if a person is physically attractive, lacking in moral integrity, not abiding by laws and regulations, and frequently engaging in actions that harm others,it is difficult for them to gain a foothold in society.

If you places greater emphasis on outer beauty, you should also express your perspective, such as how outer appearance is a person’s business card, and in the absence of outer beauty, others may not be inclined to discover their inner qualities,will make people stay away from them.Pay attention to controlling the number of words.

However, regardless of agreement or disagreement, it is crucial to center our discussion around the theme of “cultural diversity.” This means highlighting the varying levels of emphasis on inner and outer beauty in different cultures.

Emphasis we must embrace the diverse interpretations of inner and outer beauty within different cultural with a mindset of inclusivity, openness, and equality,accepting the differences between individuals, we can cultivate a balanced perspective on inner and outer beauty.

Below is a sample essay based on the above analysis:







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