Mastering YCT Level 4 Reading: Effective Strategies for Success

The reading section of the YCT exam may pose challenges for many candidates as it assesses their accumulated knowledge of Chinese in daily life. In today’s discussion, we will take the first part of the YCT Level 4 reading exam as an example to explore strategies for solving this type of question.

41.Correct Answer:A


From the picture, we can see that one animal is eating while the other is watching it eat. Therefore, we can speculate that one animal is eating  the other’s food, and it is definitely related to eating. Hence, only option A is consistent.

42.Correct Answer:B


The little girl is holding a plate of biscuits, indicating option B as the correct answer.

43.Correct Answer:C


In the picture, the woman is pointing to a location, and the man is also looking in that direction. Therefore, the options should be related to a place, and only option C matches.

44.Correct Answer:C


From the expression on the child’s face, it can be inferred that they are playing hide-and-seek, and only option C is consistent with that.

45.Correct Answer:C


The picture shows a little girl holding a cake, suggesting that it is someone’s birthday. Hence, only option A is suitable.

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