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Christmas Greetings in Chinese

Dec. 20, 2011

People in China love to sent text messages for blessings on Christmas. It is worth noting, but in Chinese, the pronunciation of the Chinese word for Christmas sounds exactly like another very common expression, "生蛋 (shēngdàn) lay an egg." Thus we get a play on words and imagery. Let's see some popular and interesting messages.

Zhèxiē tiān yìzhí yŏu ge wèntí kùnhuòzhe wŏ: nǐ míngmíng bú shì jī, wèishénme         
这些    天    一直   有  个   问题    困惑着    我:你    明明     不   是 鸡, 为什么
rénrén dōu yào zhù nǐ shēngdàn (Shèngdàn) kuàile ne?
人人都  要      祝  你         生蛋     (圣诞)         快乐    呢?



A question has been confusing me these days. Why should everyone wish you to lay eggs happily (Merry Christmas), since you are obviously not a hen?

Měi yì duǒ xuěhuā piāoxià, měi yí ge yānhuǒ ránqǐ, měi yì miǎo shíjiān liúdòng, 
每  一  朵      雪花     飘下,每 一 个    烟火   燃起,每 一  秒     时间    流动,
měi yí fèn sīniàn chuánsòng. Dōu dàibiǎozhe wǒ xiǎng sòng nǐ de měi yí ge zhùfú:
每    一份    思念       传送。     都     代表  着   我    想      送  你  的  每一个   祝福:
Shèngdàn kuàile!
圣诞           快乐!


The snowflakes fall, the fireworks burst, the seconds fly, and every "I miss you" is delivered. And each one of these stands for my blessings to you; Merry Christmas!


快乐 (kuàile): n./adj. happiness/happy


困惑 (kùnhuò): v. to confuse


思念 (sīniàn): n./v. missing/to miss



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