A Chinese Christmas Feast: 火锅 (huǒguō) hot pot

Key Learning Points (Preview):

聚 (jù): v. to get together

大餐 (dàcān): n. feast

Stockings and presents are just around the corner and westerners everywhere are busy wrapping, caroling and bustling about. Since its more widespread publicity in China since the 1990s, Christmas has slowly, yet surely gained popularity with locals. The day in China has become an excuse for people to “聚 (jù) get together” for dinner with their friends and loved ones, which is arguably the best part of the day in the first place. In China, unlike the Christmas ham and Yule log enjoyed in the western world, the most popular Christmas “大餐 (dàcān) feast” is “火锅 (huǒguō) hot pot,” a delicacy with a long and sentimental history in China. The primary qualities of the meal are its “辣 (là) spiciness” and “热 (rè) heat,” which helps keep bones warm despite any chilly weather. As the aroma of the spices, fresh vegetables and meat fuses with a warm atmosphere of close friends and family huddled around a pot of boiling water, the real magic of the tradition becomes apparent. Just like a traditional Christmas dinner, hot pot creates the togetherness with friends that we all love to have at the dinner table.

Key Learning Points:
聚 (jù): v. to get together


       Zuìjìn zěnmeyàng? Wǒmen zhǎo ge shíjiān jù yi jù ba.
Lisa: 最近  怎么样?      我们       找     个  时间   聚一聚 吧。
       Jeez, what’s been up lately? We need to get together some time.

        Hǎo a, dàjiā dōu hǎo jiǔ méi jiàn le.
Anne: 好啊,大家 都   好   久 没   见 了。
        I know, we haven’t met up in such a long time.

大餐 (dàcān): n. feast


            Māma zhèngzài zhǔnbèi Xīnnián dàcān ne.
Brother: 妈妈  正在        准备       新年      大餐  呢。
            Mom is making our New Year’s feast!

            Shì ma? Wǒ dōu kuài liúkǒushuǐ le.  
  Sister: 是 吗? 我   都    快      流口水  了。
            Really? You’re already making my mouth water.

火锅 (huǒguō): n. hot pot

辣 (là): adj. spicy

热 (rè): adj. hot

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