The Dragon Boat Festival’s Unique, Traditional Treat—A Must Eat!

Key Learning Points (Preview):
粽子 (zòngzi)


rice dumpling

庆祝 (qìngzhù)


to celebrate

In the west, people “庆祝 (qìngzhù) celebrate” Easter Day in memory of Jesus. They eat Easter Eggs to commemorate this day. In China, people have a similar celebration of a heroic figure from ancient times on the Dragon Boat Festival. Instead of Easter Eggs, Chinese people eat “粽子 (zòngzi) rice dumplings” to honor the patriotic poet and politician of the “楚 (Chǔ)” state in the Warring States Period – “屈原 (Qū Yuán)”  who drowned himself in the river when his country perished.

It is said that after the death of “屈原 (Qū Yuán),” people threw rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river to keep the fish and shrimp away from his body. Gradually, it has become a tradition to eat “粽子 (zòngzi) rice dumplings” on May 5th of the Chinese lunar calendar in honor of his patriotism.

Today, people usually use reed or bamboo leaves as the wrapping for “粽子 (zòngzi) rice dumplings,” and use meat, bean paste, Chinese dates or walnuts as the stuffing. Some regions have an even greater diversity. People often try making new varieties of “粽子 (zòngzi) rice dumplings” stuffed with different ingredients like tea, egg, salad, fruit and so on. In China, it remains one of the most popular traditional foods.

Traditional food - 粽子(zongzi)

Key Learning Points:
1. 粽子 (zòngzi) n. 
A kind of rice dumplings people eat on May 5th of the Chinese lunar calendar; it is made by wrapping rice with various types of stuffing in reed or bamboo leaves.

Zòngzi hěn shòu dàjiā xǐ’ài.
粽子     很     受   大家 喜爱。
Zongzi is well-liked by the people.

2. 庆祝 (qìngzhù) v. to celebrate

Zhōngguórén zài nónglì wǔyuè chūwǔ qìngzhù duānwǔjié.
中国人            在   农历    五月    初五      庆祝       端午节。
Chinese people celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival on May 5th of the lunar calendar.

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  1. Through online Chinese lessons, I know that people also have Dragon Boat races in China on that day.

  2. Through online Chinese lessons, I know that people also have Dragon Boat races in China on that day.

  3. Yes, 赛龙舟Dragon Boat races are an important activity during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  4. I have learned from my online Chinese lessons that Zongzi is widely enjoyed by people in east and southeast Asia.

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