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Sometimes, in Mandarin Chinese, one word can have the meaning that you never imagine.

Chinese reading – A troublesome Chinese word “麻烦 (máfan)”
Here is a saying in English that goes, “Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.” In Chinese, this same phrase can be translated as “不要自找麻烦 (Búyào zìzhǎo máfan) Don’t seek out trouble!”

Chinese reading – A versatile Chinese word “方便 (fāngbiàn)”
“方便 (Fāngbiàn)” is a great word to know because it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of different situations.

Chinese reading – Losing face
Sometimes the meaning of Chinese words can be very difficult to grasp. How do you say “lose face?”

Chinese reading- Gift giving
Christmas is coming; have you prepared your Christmas gifts? If you are in china, you should know some special things when you give present to your Chinese friends. Ok. Listen to this dialogue.

Chinese reading – A Chinese ghost story
Are you familiar with any Chinese ghost stories? Have you heard of the famous novel 《聊斋志异》Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio?Chinese reading – Thanksgiving Day
感恩 means thanksgiving 节 means festival and holiday, such as 圣诞节 means Christmas, 情人节 means Valentine’s day and Chinese festival 中秋节 means mid-autumn day.

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