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A Chinese ghost story

Apr. 1, 2015

Are you familiar with Chinese ghost story? Have you heard the famous novel 《聊斋志异》Strange Tales of a Lonely StudioLearn Chinese with echineselearning cast to get into another world. Listen to how we talk about the movie showing recently. Don’t be afraid, you may find some popular words in this Chinese learning cast. Learn Chinese today!



B:我最近看了《画皮》printed skin,觉得还不错。听说这部电影已经代表香港参加奥斯卡最佳外语片奖的评选了。你看了吗?




B:好啊,“第三者”现在常常指a person in love with a married man (or woman),“第” prefix before a number for ordering numbers, so “第三”means “third”or“number three”。“者”在这里是person的意思,所以“第三者”本来的意思就是“the third person”。





A:我同意。所以大家只要记住“第三者”的意思就是a person in love with a married man (or woman)就可以了,最好不要真的做第三者哦。


Key vocabulary:

第三者 dì sān zhě the third person, a person in love with a married man (or woman)
小三儿 xiǎo sān ér oral saying of “dì sān zhě
最佳外语片奖 zuì jiā wài yǔ piàn jiǎnɡ best foreign language film
鬼片 ɡuǐ piàn ghost movie
《聊斋志异》 liáo zhāi zhì yì Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio, a famous Chinese novel about   some ghost story
《画皮》 huà pí painted skin, a movie showing this year, adapt from《聊斋志异》
改编 ɡǎi biān adapt
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