Chinese Character: 爱 Love (Beginner)

Chinese character (Beginner)

爱 (ài) Love

Chinese Character: 爱 (ài) Love
拼音 (pīnyīn) pinyin: ài
笔画 (bĭhuà) number of strokes: 10
含义 (hányì) meaning: love
笔顺 (bǐshùn) stroke order:

部首 (bùshŏu) Radical: 爫

词源 (cíyuán) Etymology: In traditional Chinese, people write this character as “愛 (ài).” Now it is simplified to “爱 (ài).” The parts of “爫” and”夂” both mean actions. “心 (xīn)” means heart. So the Chinese character “爱” or “愛” means to love people through your actions and with your heart.


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爱的常用词语 (ài de chángyòng cíyŭ)

Frequently-used Chinese Words Or Phrases for Love:

我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ) I love you

爱情 (àiqíng) love

母爱 (mǔài) maternal love

爱心 (àixīn) loving heart


Wǒ ài  nǐ!   Nǐ   kěyǐ  zuò wǒ de nǚpéngyǒu mā? 
1. 我爱你!  你可以做我的女朋友吗?
I love you! Could you be my girlfriend?

Tā sònggěi qīzǐ   yìméi jièzhi, zuòwéi àiqíng de xìnwù.
2. 他送给妻子一枚戒指,作为爱情的信物。(Take a Mini-test About “戒指 (Jièzhǐ).”)
He gave his wife a ring as a token for his love.

Mǔài shì shìjiè shàng zuì wěidà de ài.
3. 母爱是世界上最伟大的爱。
The greatest love in the world is maternal love.

Zhǐyào dàjiā dōu xiànshàng yí fèn zhēnchéng de àixīn, shìjiè jiāng huì gèngjiā měihǎo.
4. 只要大家都献上一份真诚的爱心, 世界将会更加美好。
The world would be much better as long as everybody presents a sincere loving heart.

This Video Lesson Will Strengthen Your Knowledge About ” 爱 Love”

生词 (shēnɡcí) vocabulary

妻子 (qīzǐ) n wife (Different ways to say “wife” in Chinese)

戒指 (jièzhǐ): n ring

世界 (shìjiè): n world

伟大 (wěidà): adj great

真诚 (zhēnchéng): adj sincere


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