How Do Chinese Express Their Love?

Key Learning Points (Preview):

表白 (biǎobái): v. to express one’s love

爱 (ài): n./v. love/to love

Since China opened up to the outside world, Valentine’s Day has become a popular holiday among Chinese youth. On Valentine’s Day, presents as well as romantic dinners are indispensable and preferred, because there is a good chance to “表白 (biǎobái) express one’s love.” But do you know how Chinese people express their “爱 (ài) love?”

Chinese people are rather reserved. For example, in the film “非诚勿扰 (Fēi chéng wù rǎo) If You Are the One,” the actor said that no matter how you choose to marry, it’s a “错误 (cuòwù) mistake.” And he also said to the girl he loved:

Yíbèizi hěn duǎn, wǒ yuànyì hé nǐ jiāng cuò jiù cuò.
一辈子  很     短, 我   愿意  和 你  将    错   就 错。

Life is short; but I would love to make the best of the mistake without correcting it with you.

The following declaration from a microblog also shows exactly how Chinese express their love.

     Jīntiān shì Qíngrénjié, péi wǒ yǎn chǎng xì.
Boy: 今天  是    情人节,   陪 我   演    场    戏。

     Today is Valentine’s Day; please act out a scene in my play with me!
     Yǎn shénme?
Girl: 演   什么?

     What’s the role?
     Yǎn wǒ lǎopo.
Boy: 演 我  老婆。

     That of my wife.
     Yǎn duō jiǔ?
Girl: 演  多  久?

      For how long?
Boy: 一辈子。

     All my life.
In this proposal, from the beginning to the end, no words like “爱 (ài) love” or “喜欢 (xǐhuan) like” were used, but the boy expressed his love clearly and romantically. When you express your love to a girl or a boy, you may get a glimpse into the kind of person they are and how they really feel about you. If done romantically you will not scare her/himaway.
Key Learning Points:
表白 (biǎobái): v. to express one’s love


Jīntiān wǒ yào xiàng Mike biǎobái le, wǒ hǎo jǐnzhāng a.
今天     我   要    向   Mike  表白    了,我  好    紧张    啊。

I’m going to express my love to Mike today. I’m so nervous!

爱 (ài): n./v. love/to love


Amy hěn ài tā de nánpéngyou, tā kěyǐ wèi tā zuò rènhé shìqing.
Amy  很  爱她 的   男朋友,     她 可以 为 他 做   任何    事情。

Amy loves her boyfriend so much that she would do anything for him.

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