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Chinese Character: 兔 (tù) rabbit (Beginner)

Mar. 7, 2011

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. Do you know how to write the Chinese character for "rabbit?"

The Chinese character for "rabbit" is "兔."

拼音 (pīnyīn) pinyin: tù
笔画 (bǐhuà) number of strokes: 8
部首 (bùshǒu) Radical: 刀

笔顺 (bǐshùn) stroke order:

常用词语 (chángyòng cíyŭ) Frequently-used words or phrases:

兔子 (tùzi) rabbit


野兔 (yětù) hare


兔年 (tùnián) the Year of the Rabbit



    Nǐ zhīdào tùzi wèi shénme zài bǐsài zhōng shū gěi le wūguī ma?
A: 你  知道   兔子为     什么     在  赛跑    中    输  给 了  乌龟    吗?


     Do you know why the rabbit lost the race to the tortoise?

    Yīnwèi tùzi zài bǐsài zhōng shuì zháo le.
B: 因为 兔子 在  比赛    中    睡    着    了。


    Because he slept during the competition.

Read the story of the Race Competition between Rabbit and Tortoise.

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What a great roesruce this text is.

I really wish there were more aicrtles like this on the web.

“因为”means “because,”but in Chinese “因为” is usually used together with the Chinese characters “所以(suǒyǐ) ,” which means “so.” For example:
Yīnwèi tùzi zài bǐsài zhōng shuì zháo le, suǒyǐ tā shū gěi le wūguī.
Because the rabbit slept in the race, he lost to the tortoise.

How do you use the Chinese characters “因为(yīnwèi) ?” Is it the same as “because”in English?

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