Wanna Have a World Cup Merch?

As only 16 teams are competing for the final 8 in the World Cup more and more of the world’s attention is focused on this grand event.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup

How can we support our national team as big fans? Buying a jersey? A toy of the Mascot La’eeb? Or even a ticket to Qatar?
In fact, you can buy almost all these things at the official souvenir store in your country: mascot toys, soccer jerseys, ornaments, hats… anything you can think of related to the event. 70 percent of these goods are made in China, and the rest are from Vietnam, India, Pakistan and other countries.
qiú yī

bèi kè hàn mǔ de qiú yī shì 7 hào .
David Beckam’s jersey number is 7.

wǒ yǒu yī jiàn qiān míng qiú yī .
I have an autographed jersey.

jì niàn pǐn

wǒ mǎi le hěn duō jì niàn pǐn.
I bought a lot of souvenirs.

nǐ yǒu méi yǒu mǎi shì jiè bēi de jì niàn pǐn ?
Did you buy any World Cup souvenirs?

World Cup mascot La'eeb

In addition to souvenirs, inside the World Cup stadiums, 70 percent of the sporting goods, such as the national flags of the 32 competing teams, the soccer balls, as well as the referee’s whistles and horns, are from China. Surprisingly, these goods are all related to one small Chinese county- Yiwu.
cái pàn

wǒ de mèng xiǎng shì chéng wéi yī míng cái pàn.
My dream is to become a referee.

bào bó fàn guī le, cái pàn gěi le tā huáng pái.
Bob committed a foul and the referee gave him a yellow card.

Yiwu, a small county located in Zhejiang Province in East China, is known as the global capital of small commodities. Featuring cheap and good-quality, the goods made in Yuwu have long been favored by people worldwide. Not only in the World Cup, tons of small commodities used in global events such as the Olympic Games were also imported from Yiwu.

Small commodities of Yiwu

Have you found anything fun in the World Cup? How do you support your favorite team in this grand event?Please let us know in the comment section!

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