Diego Maradona – the Passing of an Eternal Football Legend

Diego Maradona, who used the “Hand of God” and made the “Goal of the Century” that helped Argentina win the 1986 World Cup, has passed away as the greatest football player of the 20th century. According to several media reports in Argentina, Maradona died of a heart attack at home on November 25th at the age of 60.
Tomorrow and “意外(yìwài) accidents” – you never know which one will come first.

意外 (yìwài): accident

zhè shì yì chǎng yìwài.
This was an accident.

xiǎomíng jūrán kǎo le yìbǎi fēn, zhēn ràng rén yìwài.
It’s surprising that Xiao Ming actually scored 100 points on the test.

People were surprised, but also remembered the legendary life of the “ball king”. The old club Boca Youth expressed affectionately: “Forever thanks, forever Diego.” Maradona’s heir and current Argentina star Messi wrote: “Maradona did not leave, because he is eternal.”

His life, like many, consisted of ups and downs, inspirational accomplishments and heart aching struggles.

一.It takes a lot of hard work to changes one’s circumstances.

I believe that people appreciate Maradona not only because he is a genius on the green field, but also because of his relatability, and his, “奋斗(fèndòu) struggle”.

奋斗 (fèndòu): struggle

fèndòu kěyǐ gǎibiàn mìngyùn.
Effort can change destiny.

wǒmen měitiān dōu zài wèi zìjǐ ér fèndòu.
We are fighting for ourselves every day.

Maradona was a child from a poor family, and his parents certainly didn’t have an easy time raising him along with his 7 siblings. His hard-working father drove the ferry every day to transport livestock and also worked in a chemical plant, still barely earning enough to support the family. But Maradona changed everything. He soon realized that only “足球(zúqiú) soccer” could change the destiny of himself and his family.

足球 (zúqiú): soccer

wǒ xǐhuān tī zúqiú.
I like to play soccer.

tī zúqiú shì wǒ de àihào.
Playing soccer is my hobby.

At the age of 15, Maradona became a pillar of the family, telling his father: You can rest.
Not everyone is able to make it out of poverty, but Maradona struggled hard and relied on his talent to become an international superstar and the pride of Argentina.
Ordinary people, working hard enough, can also change their destiny.

二.Luck is not a panacea, but it is very important!

Maradona’s most notorious performance was in the 1986 World Cup.

Against England, he first scored a goal with “the Hand of God,” (his hand is said to have hit the ball into the goal) and then scored a goal after out-maneuvering six players on England’s team people. The former is an eternal mystery and classic, and the latter was praised as the best goal in football history, catapulting Maradona’s status into that of a national hero.
A person and a country cannot do without a little “运气(yùnqì) luck”.

运气 (yùnqì): luck

wǒ jīntiān yùnqì hěn hǎo.
I was lucky today.

shēnghuó xūyào yì diǎndiǎn yùnqì.
Life needs a little luck.

三.Geniuses are human, too

Even Maradona did things besides football. He always believed that: 生活必须活得尽兴(shēnghuó bìxū huó dé jìnxìng) “life must be lived to the fullest.”

尽兴 ( jìnxìng): have fun

nǐ jīntiān wán jìnxìng le ma?
Did you have fun today?

wǒ jīntiān wán de hěn jìnxìng.
I had a great time today.

If nothing else, we can take away that we must live our lives and make the most of the limited time we have. “Maradona did not leave, because he is eternal.” We express our sincere condolences on his passing to his family, friends, fans, country… and the whole football world.

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