“Team China” Shines at Qatar World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar is in full swing. China did not make it to this mega sporting event, but to celebrate the World Cup together, it also sent a special “team” to Qatar-two giant pandas, named Jing Jing and Si Hai.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup

Giant pandas are the national treasure of China. Jing Jing and Si Hai are the first pair of pandas to travel to the Middle East, and these two are expected to remain in Qatar for 15 years. Fans who travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup can catch a glimpse of the cute pandas from China.
shì jiè bēi
World Cup

shì jiè bēi yǒu sān shí èr zhǐ qiú duì cān jiā.
There are 32 teams participating in the World Cup.

wǒ qù kǎ tǎ ěr kàn shì jiè bēi.
I went to Qatar to watch the World Cup.

dà xióng māo

dà xióng māo shì zhōng guó de guó bǎo.
Giant pandas are the national treasure of China.

nǐ jiàn guò dà xióng māo mɑ.
Have you ever seen a giant panda?

Qatar is located in the desert, which is far from suitable for pandas. To welcome these two cute creatures, locals spent a fortune to build them a park the size of an airfield with a hot spring pool and swimming pool, replicating the environment the pandas need to survive.

The Panda park

wēn quán
Hot spring

kǎ tǎ ěr de xióng māo gōng yuán yǒu wēn quán .
The Panda Park in Qatar has a hot spring swimming pool.

dà xióng māo yě xǐ huan pào wēn quán .
Giant pandas also like to bathe in hot springs.

shā mò

kǎ tǎ ěr shì shā mò guó jiā.
Qatar is a desert country.

shā mò gān hàn quē shuǐ.
Deserts are arid and water-stressed.

Out of love for the pandas, Qatar named Jingjing and Sihai “Suhail” and “Thuraya” in Arabic. In traditional Arab culture, “Suhail” and “Thuraya” are the two stars in the sky, representing good fortune, nobility and infinite value.

The Panda park

In addition to “Team Panda”, there are other Chinese elements in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. What else does this global sporting event have to offer? Please let us know in the comments!

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