Dynamic Guangzhou and Why You Need to Visit

1.How many foreigners are there in Guangzhou?
According to the latest data, there are about 86 thousand foreigners living in Guangzhou. Among them, the 5 countries with the largest number of people are Korea, Japan, India, America, Russian, and Africa with nearly 15 thousand people.
Many foreigners come to Guangzhou for work because there are products they want in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the center of trade and logistics in the south of China. There are cheap and high-quality goods such as electronic products, leather goods, cosmetics, and clothes. At the same time, Guangzhou is located in the south of China, which is characterized by warm, rainy, ample light, long summer, and short frost period. The annual average temperature is 21.9 degrees Celsius, which is one of the biggest cities in China with the lowest annual temperature difference. The climate conditions also attracted many foreign friends to settle down here.

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2.What can foreigners do when they travel to Guangzhou?
(1). Canton Tower广州塔(guǎng zhōu tǎ )

Guangzhou Tower is a small tower with a slender waist. It is a landmark building in Guangzhou. It is 600 meters high and is the highest tower in China. People can overlook the panoramic view of Guangzhou. The landscape facilities include the world’s highest revolving restaurant and the world’s longest walking ladder.
刺激 cì ji
stimulate; excite;provoke; irritate

例句(lì jù ):
Wǒ  men  bǎo  zhèng   nǐ   yí   dìng   huì   rèn   wéi    zhè   hěn    cì    ji !
我    们     保       证      你    一    定    会     认    为     这     很      刺    激!
We’re sure you’ll find it exciting!

(2). Baiyun Mountain白云山(bái yún shān)

It is located in the white cloud District of Guangzhou city and consists of more than 30 mountains. The main peak is 382 meters high. You could try jumping from Baiyun Mountain and jump to the ground bravely at a height of 42 meters. You would fall down at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The whole process is about 5 seconds, and you’d feel nervous and excited.

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蹦极(bèng  jí)
Bungee Jumping; bungee; BUNGY

例句(lì jù):
Tā   xǐ   huan  jí   xiàn  yùn  dòng , bǐ    rú   bèng   jí    hé   tiào   sǎn.
她   喜   欢    极    限   运      动,     比   如     蹦    极   和    跳      伞。
She likes extreme sports, Bungji jumping, and skydiving.

Wǒ  bèng   jí   yǐ   hòu   xīng   fèn   le   yì   xīng   qī!
我     蹦     极    以   后     兴    奋   了    一    星    期!
After my bungee jump, I was buzzing for a week!

(3). The most delicious food in Guangzhou
-Vermicelli 肠粉 (cháng fěn)

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-Swallow the noodles 云吞面 (yún tūn miàn)

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-Cut the chicken into pieces 白切鸡 (bái qiē jī)

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