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Answer to HSK Level 4 Quiz Question: Cause and Effect in Chinese

Jul. 26, 2017

Answer: B

Answer analysis:
a. 对于 (Duìyú) = to; for; about; with regard to; towards.

对于 (Duìyú) usually emphasizes the thing that is being pointed to. 对于 (Duìyú) is a preposition. It looks towards the object referred to, and usually the person or object referred to has adopted a certain attitude or has come into some kind of situation.

Duìyú diànnǎo, wǒ shénme dōu bùdǒng.
对于    电脑,   我     什么    都    不懂。
I don’t understand anything about computers.

b. 由于 (Yóuyú) = “due to” or “owing to.”

由于 (Yóuyú) + Cause or Effect.

c. 至于 (Zhìyú)= as for; as to; concerning; with regards to.

至于 (Zhìyú) is used as a preposition, it points to another topic and emphasizes changing the subject of conversation or emphasizes a degree.

Zhè diǎn xiǎo shìqíng, zhìyú zhème shēngqì ma?
这    点    小   事情,  至于    这么     生气    吗?
Why are you so angry over such a small thing?

d. 关于 (Guānyú) = about; on; with regard to; with respect to.

关于 (Guānyú) is a preposition which emphasizes a range, and it introduces all things that are related to it. Usually, 关于 (guānyú) is used in a formal way.

Guānyú zhè jiàn shì, nǐ néng gěi wǒ yì xiē jiànyì ma?
关于       这   件 事,你  能    给 我 一 些  建议  吗?
Can you provide any suggestions on this matter?

In this case, 生病 (shēngbìng) is the cause of the effect/result “晚来了十几天 (wǎn lái le shí jǐ tiān.).” Therefore, B is the correct answer.

Yóuyú shēngbìng, tā wǎn lái le shí jǐ tiān.
由于        生病,   她  晚 来 了 十 几 天。
Because of the illness, she came ten days later.

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