Learn the difference between “或者(huòzhě)” and “还是(háishì)”

Please fill in the blanks with the proper conjunctions.
Alice, nǐ xiǎng hē shénme? Niúnǎi __ guǒzhī?
Ellie: Alice,你 想     喝 什么?     牛奶   __ 果汁?
Alice, what do you want to drink? Milk or fruit juice?
Niúnǎi__ guǒzhī, dōu kěyǐ.
Alice: 牛奶   __ 果汁,   都   可以。
Either the milk or the fruit juice is OK.
A. 或者(huòzhě);还是(háishì)

B. 或者(huòzhě);或者(huòzhě)

C. 还是(háishì);或者(huòzhě)

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