Answer to Chinese Test: Ready to Go But…

Answer: B

Answer analysis:
恨不得 (hènbude): very anxious to; itch to; how one wishes one could. We use it to express that someone is very anxious to do something that can’t be done in reality. Like in the case, the student wants to get out of class immediately. But the real problem is he/she can’t do it at the time.

Wǒ hènbude xiànzài jiù xiàkè!
我   恨不得     现在   就  下课!
How I wish I could get out of class right now!

Common Usage:
Subject(Somebody) + 恨不得 (hènbude) + Adverb {like 立即 (lìjí), 马上 (mǎshàng), 现在 (xiànzài), 一下子 (yīxiàzi) etc.} + Phrasal verb.
Note: we can’t add any negative forms after “恨不得 (hènbude).”

Nán hái’r men hènbude mǎshàng chūfā.
男    孩儿 们   恨不得       马上      出发。
The boys were chomping to start.

Wǒ hènbude xiànzài jiù qù nàr.
我   恨不得     现在   就 去 那儿。
How I wish I could go there right now.

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  1. Wo hen (desire) Shwo Guo U , as a native speaker does.

    I really want to improve my Mandarin language abilities .

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