Answer key to the Crossword Puzzle

Answer key to the Crossword Puzzle:

(1) 没门 (méimén)

(2) 关 (guān)

(3) 联系 (liánxì)


(1) 后门 (hòumén)

(2) 没关系 (méiguānxi)

(3) 联 (lián)

You can learn Chinese with a lot of fun through Chinese crossword puzzle. 
 For the words “没门 (méimén) no way,” we usually also add “儿 (ér)” as a suffix in spoken Chinese: “没门儿 (méiménr).” Here are some phrases related to the words “门 (mén) .”

开门 (kāimén) to open the door

关门 (guānmén) to close the door

The Chinese words “后门 (hòumén)” have two meanings. The literal meaning is “back door.” The extended meaning is “to seek advantages through informal influence.” We often use “后门儿 (hòuménr)” in oral Chinese, and the commonly used expression is “走后门儿 (zǒu hòuménr).”
Here are two examples of different meanings:

Example 1:

Zǒu hòuménr, qiánmén guān zhe ne!
A: 走   后门儿,     前门       关     着 呢!
Please come in through the back door for the front door is closed.

Hǎo de.
B: 好   的。

Example 2:

Tā zǒu hòuménr dédào  le zhè fèn gōngzuò.
他 走   后门儿      得到    了 这   份    工作。
He got his job from seeking the advantage through informal influence.

For more information about the suffix “儿,” here you can go:
There are more words related to “联系 (liánxì)” and “没关系 (méiguānxi).”

关联 (guānlián) be related

关系 (guānxi) relationship

联络 (liánluò) get in touch with

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