Daily Chinese Phrase – 做得好!(Zuòde hǎo!) Good Job!

Good job in Chinese

做得好!(Zuòde hǎo!)  Good Job!

When Do Chinese People Use “做得好 Good Job”?


A:   Yuēhàn, nǐ  zhè cì  de zuòwén xiěde fēicháng bú cuò. Zuòde hǎo!
A:   约翰,  你  这 次 的   作文    写得    非常    不 错。  做得   好!
A:   John, the composition you wrote this time is quite good. Good job!

B:  Xièxiè!
B:  谢谢!
B:  Thanks!

Flattering & Giving Compliments in Chinese:

8 thoughts on “Daily Chinese Phrase – 做得好!(Zuòde hǎo!) Good Job!”

  1. “的” is used behind the attributive modifier, for example, 美丽的花 and 幸福的生活.
    “得” is used behind the verb, for example, 玩得开心 and 干得漂亮.

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