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牛 (niú) Excellent!

Nov. 9, 2011


The proper meaning of "牛 (niú)" is cow, but now it can be used to express "cool," "awesome" or "excellent." It is believed that this meaning originated from the north-eastern Chinese dialect.


You can say "你好牛啊 (nǐ hǎo niú a)" or "真牛 (zhēn niú)" to express your admiration of others. There are many circumstances in which you can use this word. For example, if your friend wins a championship you can give him or her thumbs up and say, "你好牛啊! (Nǐ hǎo niú a!)" or "真牛! (Zhēn niú!)" to express "You're awesome!"

(Watch the video lesson and learn another way to express your admiration of others)


1. Nǐ zhēn niú  a,  měicì  kǎoshì dōushì  quánbān dìyī.
 你   真  牛 啊, 每次   考试    都是        全班      第一。


    You are awesome! You always get the highest grade on the exams in your class.

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2. Zhēn niú! Tā yígeyuè  nèi   jiù  dāng le  jīnglǐ.
真     牛!  他 一个月     内   就   当    了  经理。


    Excellent! He became a manager in only one month.

 3.    Nǐ  zhīdào ma? Lucy dāng kǒuyì le.
Lisa: 你   知道   吗?Lucy    当    口译 了。


        Did you know that Lucy is becoming an interpreter? 

       Tā  hǎo niú  a!
Lily: 她   好    牛  啊!


       She is awesome!

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