Chinese Song for Kids: Zǎochén Xǐshù Gē 早晨 洗漱 歌

It is well known that songs can be a very effective tool for children to learn a language. Learn Chinese through Chinese songs will encourage your kid to speak more while improving his or her fluency and pronunciation, and the language points in the songs will be much easier to remember. As one of the leading language-learning websites, we offer Chinese lessons for kids and adults. You and your children can learn online Chinese lessons through our courses anytime and anywhere!

Is your child just starting to learn Chinese? Do you want to ignite his or her interest in this language? Then you absolutely can’t miss this Chinese song! It’s catchy and easy to learn. Through songs, your kids’ Chinese will improve faster. After learning this song, your kid will know the Chinese knowledge about washing up. Now play the video and learn the song! You can also sing along!

Language Points

good morning

Zǎoshànghǎo, Xiǎo Hóng. Zhēn gāoxìng yòu jiàndào nǐ le.
早上好,小 红。真 高兴 又 见到 你 了。
Good morning, Xiao Hong. It’s glad to see you again.

wash someone’s face

Wǒ měitiān dōu xǐliǎn.
我 每天 都 洗脸。
I wash my face every day.

comb/fix someone’s hair

Tā shūtóu shí wǒmen zài chī zǎofàn.
她 梳头 时 我们 在 吃 早饭。
We were having breakfast as she was combing her hair.

brush someone’s teeth

Shàngchuáng zhīqián tā dōu xiān shuāyá.
上床 之前 她 都 先 刷牙。
She always brushes her teeth before going to bed.

chuān yīfú
穿 衣服
get dressed; put on clothes

Zhègè xiǎo nánhái huì zìjǐ chuān yīfú.
这个 小 男孩 会 自己 穿 衣服。
The little boy can get dressed by himself. 

Washing face, combing hair, brushing teeth, getting dressed… Have your children learned how to say these Chinese words yet? Let’s sing this song together again! We will introduce more interesting Chinese knowledge in future courses! Stay tuned!

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