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Top 10 Chinese Business Quotations

Jan. 12, 2010

1、今天很残酷,明天更残酷, 后天很美好,但绝大多数人都死在明天晚上,看不见 后天的太阳。

Jīntiān hěn cánkù, míngtiān gèng cánkù, hòutiān hěn měihǎo, dàn jué dàduōshù rén dōu sǐ zài míngtiān wǎnshàng, kàn bú jiàn hòutiān de tàiyáng.
Today is cruel and tomorrow is crueler. The day after tomorrow will be wonderful; however, most people die on tomorrow night and won't see the sunshine the day after tomorrow. — From Ma Yun, CEO of Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce company.

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Quality, taste and virtue make a brand. — From Niú Gēnshēng, CEO of MENGNIU, one of China's leading dairy products companies.


Yào bìkāi jìngzhēng yě bùkěnéng, shìchǎng kěndìng yǒu jìngzhēng, bìmiǎn  jìngzhēng, zhè búshì zhǎosǐ me?
It is impossible to avoid competition for it's everywhere in the market; aren't you seeking death if you really try to avoid competition. —From Zong Qinghou, CEO of Wa haha, one of the four largest beverage producers in the world.


Jiù xiàng rìcháng shēnghuó zhōng rénmen duì shuǐ hé diàn de yīlài yí yàng, wǒmen yào zuò chéng hùliánwǎng shàng de shuǐ hé diàn.
Like how people rely on water and electricity in their daily life, we are going to make our products like the water and electricity of the internet world. —From Ma Huateng, CEO of Tencent (, the most powerful Internet company in China.

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Hǎi'ěr de měinián dōu shì yí gè mǎlāsōng chángpǎo, měitiān dōu shì yí gè bǎimǐ  chōngcì.
Every year is a marathon race for Hai'er, and everyday is a 100-meter dash. —From Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Hai'er Group, the fourth largest appliance manufacturer in the world.


Yíngxiāo shì méiyǒu zhuānjiā de, wéiyī de zhuānjiā shì xiāofèizhě, jiùshì nǐ zhǐyào néng dǎdòng xiāofèizhě jiù xíng le.
There are no experts in marketing and the only expert is the customer. So it is crucial to impress the customers. —From Shi Yuzhu, CEO of Giant Interactive Group, the first online game company listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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Yàoyǒu lǐxiǎng, dànshì búyào lǐxiǎnghuà!
To have a dream is important, but don't be too idealistic! —From Liu Chuanzhi, CEO of Lenovo, the fourth largest PC maker in the world.


Yīnwèi gǎibiàn bù liǎo guòqù, nǐ zhǐnéng qù chuàngzào wèilái.
You can not change the past, so you have to create the future. —From Li Dongsheng, CEO of TCL Group,  the largest electronic product manufacturer in China.

9、企业里能发现问题,提出问题的人很多,那些能够创造机会和得到机会的是能 够发现问题并解决问题的人。

Qǐyè lǐ néng fāxiàn wèntí, tíchū wèntí de rén hěn duō, nàxiē nénggòu chuàngzào jīhuì hé dédào jīhuì de shì nénggòu fāxiàn wèntí bìng jiějué wèntí de rén.
Many people in an enterprise can discover problems; however, those who can discover and solve those problems create and get opportunities. —From Tang Jun, Former President of Shanda ENTERTAINMENT, a NASDAQ listed Media Company.


Zhǐyào yǒu xìnxīn, rén yǒngyuǎn bú huì cuòbài.
As long as you have confidence in your heart, you will never be defeated. —From Li Ning, CEO of Li Ning Sports Group, a leading sports brand in China.

生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary

残酷 (cánkù) adj cruel

"残 (cán)" means cruel and "酷 ()" means ruthless.



Xiànshí shèhuì zǒngshì hěn cánkù.
The real world is always cruel.

美好 (měi hǎo) adj fine/ beautiful/ bright

"美 (měi)" means beautiful and "好 (hǎo)" means fine or good.



Gèng měihǎo de wèilái chéngxiàn zài wǒmen miànqián.
A brighter future lies ahead.

理想化 (lǐxiǎnghuà) v to idealize

"理 ()" refers natural science or logic. "想 (xiǎng)" means to think. "化 (huà)" is a suffix which means to transform.


A: 我真希望社会中没有竞争,没有压力。

Wǒ zhēn xīwàng shèhuì zhōng méiyǒu jìngzhēng, méiyǒu yālì.
I wish there is no competition or stress in the society.

B: 哎,那样的事情只能存在于理想化的世界中。

Ài, nàyàng de shìqíng zhǐnéng cúnzàiyú líxiǎnghuà de shìjiè zhōng.
That exists only in an idealistic world.

挫败 (cuòbài) v to defeat

"挫 (cuò)" means repress or oppress. "败 (bài)" means to fail.



Tā de nǔlì bèi fǎndòng shìlì cuòbài.
His efforts were defeated by the reactionary force.

企业 (qǐyè): n enterprise  

竞争 (jìngzhēng): v to compete  

营销 (yíngxiāo): n marketing  

专家 (zhuānjiā): n expert  

创造 (chuàngzào): v to create  

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