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The Hand Game – Rock-Paper-Scissors

Nov. 27, 2013

Jiǎndāo shítou bù, hāha,  nǐ shū le.  Lái!

剪刀      石头    布,哈哈,你输   了。来!


Rock-Paper-Scissors, ha-ha, you lose. Come here.

Jiǎndāo shítou bù, hāhaha, nǐ yòu shū le.  Lái!
剪刀       石头   布,哈哈哈,你 又   输 了。 来!


Rock-Paper-Scissors, ha-ha-ha, you lose again. Come here!

Jiǎndāo shítou bù, nǐ yòu…
剪刀       石头   布,你 又……


Rock-Paper-Scissors, you still…

Gānɡcái tā chū de dàodǐ shì bù, háishì bāzhang?
刚才       她 出   的  到底   是  布,还是  巴掌?


Did she just show “paper” or a slap?


Game Play

Three gestures:

First we have scissors, represented by extending the middle finger and the fore finger, while keeping the other fingers tucked away as shown in the first image.
Next we have rock, represented by a clenched fist as shown in image two.

Last we have paper, represented by holding the hand palm down with every finger fully extended as shown in image three.

Two players simultaneously display one of the three shapes with an outstretched hand.

Scissors cut paper: scissors defeats paper.

Rock blunts or breaks scissors: rock defeats scissors.

Paper covers rock: paper defeats rock.

If both players throw the same shape, the game is tied.


1. 剪刀  noun  jiǎndāo  scissors

Jack, wǒ kěyǐ yòng nǐ de jiǎndāo ma?
Jack,我可以 用    你 的 剪刀      吗?


Jack, may I use your scissors?

2. 石头  noun  shítou  stone

Zhè kuài shítou zhēn zhòng!
这     块    石头    真      重!


The stone is so heavy!

3. 布    noun  bù   cloth

Nà kuài bù shì hóngsè de.
那   块   布  是   红色    的。


That cloth is red.


1. What’s the meaning of “剪刀(jiǎndāo)?”

A. scissors

B. knife

C. nail-clippers

2. ___can be made from cotton.

A. 剪刀(jiǎndāo)

B. 石头(shítou)

C. 布()

3. In the game “Rock-Paper-Scissors,” if you show the “rock” gesture and your opponent shows the “scissors” gesture, then ___.

A. your opponent wins

B. you win

C. it’s tied

See answer

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Very interesting. Tank you

Hi Maie. I’m so glad that you like the post, we will have more interesting posts, hope it can help.

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