The Best Ways to Involve Your Child on Labour Day

Every year citizens around the world get the option to celebrate International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day or May Day, by relaxing. Those who put in the time at work can look back at all the sacrifices they’ve made, all of the meetings, hard days, demotions, perhaps promotions, and everything that comes with having to work for a living. But we’ve written about Worker’s Day so let’s look at this day from another perspective. We’re going to peer at it through the eyes of a child.
Children start learning about jobs and the titles people have in various industries from a young age. It’s not uncommon to ask young children about what they want to be when they grow up. The most common answers being teacher, doctor, ballerina, veterinarian, CEO, mermaid, firefighter, and astronaut. This May 1st, let’s think about the children that will one day join the labour force and contribute to society. They are given varying degrees of information and details about jobs depending on how old they are and this is how they form their opinion on what job would be right for them. Instead of telling them, let’s show them! Here are 4 ways you can let your child job shadow for a future role that they are curious about so they can form their own opinion.

future career for kids
1. Careers Beginning With the Letter A…

This is a fun and interactive game to spend extra time during a long car ride or walk. Play together by using a variation of the alphabet game. This game may help your child become more aware of different occupations.
Call out a job that begins with each letter of the alphabet while taking turns. Then talk about three abilities or personal qualities that someone who chooses this career path would require. Consider the following scenario:
A for aircraft mechanic, who must be able to:
– Understand airplane parts
– Use tools
– Work very quickly
Z for zookeeper, who must be able to:
– Have patience with animals
-Be ok with getting dirty
-Walk and stand for long periods of time

future career for kids
2. Comparing Jobs in Movies to Real Life

Children respond to career-related images on television and in other media.
Watch some documentaries about various professions or a movie about the industry.
Discuss the various people and their work/life responsibilities afterwards – perhaps over a dinner. Consider what these might mean for your career and lifestyle choices.
Discuss any portions of the film that you or your kid might find relevant. You could start a conversation by asking the following questions:
●Have you changed your mind about what you want to do with your life as a result of seeing the movie?
●Did it portray some occupations in a favourable light while others were shown in a negative way?
●Was there any scene in the film that made you think, “I want to do that!”
Examine character traits and analyze which are beneficial and which are negative. What did you sense a connection to and what did you feel a disconnect from?

future career for kids
3. Occupational Awareness

You could create a Lego town or neighborhood with houses, stores, garages, and recreational areas. Talk about the many responsibilities that people participate in at the following places as part of the process:
Talk about the many responsibilities that people participate in at the following places as part of the process: a house, a shop, a movie theater, a university, a school, a railway station, an airport, a veterinarian clinic, a hospital or any place that your child shows interest in.
You could also look at the various occupations involved in the construction of a city, town, or suburb. Ask your kid to pick one of these roles that they’d like to play when they grow up. Allowing your child to be dreative and imaginative is the best part of the process.

4. Play Dress-up

Collect old clothes from you (and other family members) or thrift inexpensive clothes so that your child can play dress-up. Encourage your child to dress up in different outfits for different jobs. It’s also entertaining to use the play tools that many children have nowadays. Consider the following scenario:
A calculator, desk, pen, paper, and office clothes might be used by an accountant.
Crayons, ruler, chalk, apple, and a computer might be used by a teacher.
As you play with your child, talk about what an accountant or teacher does. You’re assisting their early career development with this playful task.
When it comes to job decisions, a positive parental influence might help your child feel more confident. Adults in a child’s life shape the earliest, most powerful learning about careers. Career-related pictures on television and in other media also elicit a response from children. Think outside the box to create fun and creative opportunities to assist your young kid or teenager in preparing for a bright future. These activities can be performed in everyday life so keep it simple but make it an impactful event they will remember when it comes time to decide on a career path.
Let’s learn some Chinese words about Labour Day!

● Vocabulary:

 láo dònɡ jié
1. 劳 动 节
Labour Day

 fànɡ jià
2. 放 假
Have a holiday

 zhí yè
3. 职 业

 lǜ shī
4. 律 师

 chénɡ xù yuán
5. 程  序 员

 jǐnɡ chá
6. 警 察

 lǎo shī
7. 老 师

● Sentences:

Zài zhōnɡ ɡuó, láo dònɡ jié de shí hòu huì fànɡ wǔ tiān jià.
在 中  国,劳 动 节 的 时候 会 放 五 天 假。
In China, there is a five-day holiday on Labour Day.

Nǐ jiānɡ lái xiǎnɡ zuò shén me zhí yè?
你 将  来 想  做 什 么 职 业?
What career do you want to do in the future?

Wǒ jiānɡ lái xiǎnɡ dānɡ yī shēnɡ.
我  将 来 想 当  医 生。
I want to be a doctor in the future.

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