Easy Chinese Words and Phrases for Speaking about Movies (Pt. 1)

Nǐ xǐ huan kàn diàn yǐng ma? (你喜欢看电影吗?)

Do you like watching films?

Today I will introduce some movies suitable for learning Chinese as well as some useful words and phrases to talk about them.

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Key Vocabulary

1. Diàn yǐng (电影) Movie/film

2. Nán yǎn yuán (男演员) Actor

3. Nǚ yǎn yuán (女演员) Actress

Key Phrases

Zhè shì wǒ jīn nián zuì xǐ huān de diàn yǐng le!
这    是  我  今  年   最  喜  欢    的  电    影  了!
This is my favorite movie this year!

People watch various genres depending on their mood and what interests them. Use these genres as a way to speak using simple yet daily conversational Chinese words.

1. Animation Key Vocabulary and Sentence

Dòng huà piān (动画片): Cartoon movie

Wǒ xǐ huān kàn dòng huà piān.
我   喜  欢    看    动      画    片。
I like Cartoons.


Big Fish & Begonia Dà yú hǎi táng (大鱼海棠)

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Chun gets converted into a dolphin on her sixteenth birthday in order to study the human world.

A human child saves her from a vortex at the cost of his own life. Chun is so moved by the boy’s bravery and kindness that she chooses to resurrect him.

But, in order to do so, she must save the boy’s soul, which is the size of a small fish, and nurture it to grow. Love grows through adventure and sacrifice, but now she must return him to the sea, to life in the human world.

2. Documentary Key Vocabulary and Sentence

Jì lù piān (纪录片) documentary

Wǒ yě xǐ huān kàn jì lù piān.
我   也 喜  欢    看  纪录  片。
I also like watching documentaries.


A Bite of China Shé jiān shàng de zhōng guó (舌尖上的中国)

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Pull up a stool and get your chopsticks ready – A Bite of China is the quintessential TV series on all things Chinese cuisine – from its rich history to the rarest dishes and wildest ingredients.

Shot in more than 60 locations and featuring top chefs of the culinary world – it will surprise even the most jaded foodies around.

3. Action Movie Key Vocabulary

Dòng zuò piān (动作片) Action movie

Wǒ xǐ huān kàn zhōng guó de dòng zuò piān.
我   喜  欢    看     中      国   的  动     作    片。
I like watching Chinese action movies.


House of Flying Daggers Shí miàn mái fú (十面埋伏)

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House of Flying Daggers is a martial arts film produced by Beijing New Picture Film Company in 2004 and directed by Zhang Yimou. The film tells the love story of two catchers and a geisha in the late Tang Dynasty.

At the beginning of watching the film, the beautiful and elegant picture of the film immediately attracted the attention of the audience. The director used a lot of green color, together with plum blossoms, peony, peony and other reds, the visual effect of the entire screen was shocking.

Are you already intrigued by these eye-catching movies?

Then you definitely don’t wanna miss our next article, which will give an introduction to other film genres and some wonderful Chinese movies. Stay tuned!

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