Chinese Song For Kids: 数字歌 The Number Song (Beginner)

数字歌 (Shùzì gē) The Number Song (Beginner)

Learning Chinese through “The Number Song” helps your kids learn to count in Chinese with lots of fun. Can your kids count in Chinese? Let’s practice with “The Number Song” right now!

Key Learning Points (Preview):

爬 (pá): v. to climb

手 (shǒu): n. hand

Listen to the song lyrics:

Yī  èr  sān,
一 二 三,
One, two, three,

Pá shàng shān.
爬    上       山。
Climb up the hill.

Sì  wǔ liù,
四 五 六,
Four, five, six,

Fān jīndou.
翻    筋斗。
Turn head over heels.

Qī  bā jiǔ,
七 八 九,
Seven, eight, nine,

Pāi píqiú.
拍   皮球。
Bounce the ball,

Shí gè shǒu zhǐtou,
十   个  手    指头,
Ten fingers,

Jiùshì liǎng zhī shǒu.
就是   两     只   手。
Makes two hands.

Key Learning Points:

(pá): v. to climb 


Xiǎomāo pá shàng le wūdǐng.
小猫         爬     上   了 屋顶。
The little cat climbed up onto the roof.

手 (shǒu): n. hand

A:  Nǐ  de shǒu zěnme le?
A:  你  的   手     怎么  了?
A:   What’s wrong with your hand?

B:  Wǒ bù xiǎoxīn yòng xiǎodāo huá pò le.
B:  我   不 小心      用      小刀     划   破 了。
B:   I wasn’t careful when using a knife and cut myself.

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