I Promise! (Beginner) 我保证!(初级)

Popular Chinese Words-


(Wǒ bǎozhèng!) I promise! (Beginner)


   Wǒ bǎozhèng, xià zhōu yídìng dài nǐ qù hǎibiān wán.
A: 我     保证,     下   周    一定   带 你 去   海边    玩。
I promise I will take you to the beach to have fun next week.    

    Hǎode, qīn’àide, wǒ xiāngxìn nǐ.
B: 好的,  亲爱的,我    相信    你。
Ok, honey, I trust you.

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3 thoughts on “I Promise! (Beginner) 我保证!(初级)”

  1. Learning to speak Chinese is my objective at the present. I know 一定 is used to express certainty, can you give me a word which can be used to express possibility?

  2. It should be “可能 may/perhaps.” Here’s an example: 他可能喜欢数学. He probably likes math.

  3. When “不” is put ahead of “可能”, it means the situation/action that follows is very unlikely happen. For example: 她不可能有三十岁. She probably isn’t 30 years old.

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