Showing Honor through Holding Fist (Intermediate)

Business Etiquette—Showing Honor through Holding Fist
Key Learning Points (Preview):

拳头 (quántou) n. fist

祝贺 (zhùhè)n. congratulations

Holding fist is a form of greeting, usually used by men, with one clenched fist cradled in the other hand and held at chest level. It is a traditional custom in China and is used to express “祝贺 (zhùhè) congratulations” and good “愿望 (yuànwàng) wishes.”
In modern China, holding fist is widely used in business situations. So, the way to properly hold fist is just like this: standing upright, hold the right hand (in fist) with the left hand and rock them up and down slightly at roughly chest level. Please see the following picture.

Tā yòng quántou qīngqing dǎ le yí xià wǒ.
他   用      拳头        轻轻     打 了一下 我。

He hit me lightly with his fist.

祝贺 (zhùhè) n. congratulations

    Zhùhè nín, jīnglǐ, wǒmen de xīn xiàngmù hěn chénggōng.
A: 祝贺     您,经理,我们    的  新    项目     很       成功!

   Congratulations to our manager, our new project has been very successful!

    Xièxiè dàjiā de nǔlì.
B: 谢谢   大家 的努力。

   Thanks everybody for working so hard.

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