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After a courtship of about 20 years, the Walt Disney Company has won approval from the central government of China to build a Disneyland-style theme park in Shanghai. It happened that Barack Obama, the United States President, paid his first visit to China when this news was announced, and Shanghai was his first stop. Many people say it is the 见面礼(jiànmiànlĭ) present on first meeting China presents to Obama. Shanghai Disneyland will be the biggest one in areas for Walt Disney Company in the world. For Shanghai itself, it will be a good 商机(shāngjī) business opportunity.
Shanghai Disneyland plans to open in 2014. Thus, in 4 or 5 years, 唐老鸭(Tánglăoyā) Donald Duck and 米老鼠(Mĭlăoshŭ) Mickey Mouse will settle down in mainland China, which excites many children. Will Donald and Mickey get used to the new home? Let’s wait and see together.”

见面礼(jiànmiànlĭ)Present on first meeting
Origin and Meaning

The phrase 见面礼(jiànmiànlĭ) comes from the custom in Uygur ethnic group and it refers to a gift or present when people first meet each other. The word 见(jiàn) means meeting. 面(miàn) means face and 礼(lĭ) refers to gift or present.


1. Yì diăn’ér jiànmiànlĭ, bù chéng jìngyì, qĭng xiào nà.
一   点儿     见面礼, 不   成     敬意,请    笑   纳。
Just a little present to show my respect to you. Please accept it.

2. Chū cì jiànmiàn, wŏ děi tiāo gè hăo lĭwù zuòwéi jiànmiànlĭ.
初 次   见面,   我  得  挑   个  好  礼物  作为   见面礼。
I must choose a nice present in my first meeting.

唐老鸭(Tánglăoyā)Donald Duck

Why do the Chinese call Donald Duck 唐老鸭(Tánglăoyā)? Because ducks live in 池塘(chítáng) pond, and the pronunciation of the word 塘(táng) is same as that of 唐(táng). And the word 唐(táng) also represents China and Chinese. 唐(táng) refers to Tang Dynasty; 老(lăo) means old and 鸭(yā) refers to duck.

米老鼠(Mĭlăoshŭ)Mickey Mouse

What about the Chinese name of 米老鼠(Mĭlăoshŭ) Mickey Mouse? We know that mice like eating rice and the Chinese character of rice is 米(mĭ), so we call it 米老鼠(Mĭlăoshŭ) to show the characteristics. 米(mĭ) refers to rice. 老(lăo) means old and 鼠(shŭ) means mouse.

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