Quote of the Week (Oct. 13, 2010)

Wǒ yìzhí duì zìjǐ shuō, nánrén sānshí yì zhī huā, zhège niánlíng yīnggāi dàibiǎo
我   一直 对 自己说, 男人      三十   一 枝 花,  这个   年龄       应该      代表
lìng yì zhǒng kāishǐ.
另    一 种      开始。

I tell myself all the time: a thirty-year-old man is like a blossom; this age should stand for a new beginning.
—From “姚明 (Yáo Míng)Yao Ming,” a famous Chinese NBA player.

Culture Note:

Since many men have a successful career in their thirties, they become very attractive in other people’s eyes, especially women. “花 (huā) blossom” stands for beauty. So Chinese people often use the phrase “一枝花 (yì zhī huā) a blossom” to describe men who are in their thirties.

Easy Chinese Words Vocabulary:

花 (huā): n. flower; blossom

年龄 (niánlíng): n. age

代表 (dàibiǎo): v. to stand for

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  1. Wow, what an interesting quote from my idol Yao Ming! How do you say “women” in Chinese? Can you tell me some other easy Chinese expressions like “男人?” Thanks!

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