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Quote of the Week (Nov. 29, 2010)

Nov. 29, 2010

Rén de qiánlì shì wúxiàn de, yì gè rén jiù xiàng xiàngpíjīn yíyàng, 
人    的 潜力   是 无限   的,一 个人   就   像    橡皮筋      一样,  
xūyào búduàn de lā, zài zhè gè guòchéng zhōng tiǎozhàn zìjǐ
需要      不断  地  拉,在 这  个    过程        中      挑战      自己
de jíxiàn, bú duàn kuòzhǎn zìjǐ de nénglì.
的 极限,不 断      扩展     自己的 能力。


The potential of human beings is infinite. One should challenge his limits and continually extend his abilities by stretching himself like a bungee cord.

—— from 张艺谋 (Zhāng Yìmóu) Zhang Yimou, a famous film director in China

Key Learning Points

潜力 (qiánlì): n. potential


挑战 (tiǎozhàn): v. to challenge


能力 (nénglì): n. ability


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