Video Lesson: 购物 (gòuwù) Shopping (Beginner)

In this lesson, eChineseLearning’s professional Chinese teacher will teach you shopping related Chinese words, expressions and grammar. Specifically, you will learn numbers, measure words, pronouns, verbs, and dialogues, etc.

Key Learning Points:

A:Nǐ yào (măi) shénme?
What do you want to buy

B:Wŏ yào (măi) píngguŏ.
I want to buy some apples.

Listen to the Audio:

Download the Transcript  

16 thoughts on “Video Lesson: 购物 (gòuwù) Shopping (Beginner)”

  1. paulalainpondi

    first of all i would to say thank you for the lesson . it is really interesting lesson and you are a real professional.
    i thing the next lesson will be more interesting .i am looking foreward to the nex lesson. thank you

  2. Excuse me the video lesson is so easy so i need more difficult than this lesson thank you for all.

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  4. Thanks for the fantastic information, I really love to spend time here going through these posts

  5. Cherrian Chin

    Thanks, that was a very good approach for a beginner’s lesson. Keep up the good work… 😉

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