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Quote of the Week (Dec. 17th)

Dec. 17, 2010

Téngxùn cónglái méiyǒu nǎ yì tiān kěyǐ gāozhěnwúyōu.
腾讯        从来       没有   哪 一 天  可以   高枕无忧。
Shí'èr nián lái, wǒmen měi tiān dōu rúlǚbóbīng,
  12     年   来,我们      每  天    都   如履薄冰,
shǐzhōng dānxīn mǒu gè shūlòu suíshí huì gěi wǒmen
始终         担心    某    个  疏漏     随时    会 给    我们 
zhìmìng yì jī, shǐzhōng dānxīn yònghù huì pāoqì wǒmen.
致命     一 击,始终      担心     用户     会   抛弃    我们。


It's been twelve years and we haven't allowed ourselves to rest easy. In our mind, every day it's as if we are skating on thin ice. We refuse to let our customers down as we know that one careless omission can make users walk away from us.

—From "马化腾(Mǎ Huàténg) Mǎ Huàténg," CEO of Tencent (QQ).


高枕无忧 (gāozhěnwúyōu): v. to rest easy


疏漏 (shūlòu): n. omission


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Very valid, pithy, scucicnt, and on point. WD.

You have shed a ray of snuhsine into the forum. Thanks!

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