Popular Words: “奇葩儿子(qípā érzi)”

HSK 3 quiz
1. Wang Li met a “奇葩(qípā)” on her way home. That means ___.

A. Wang Li is acquainted with the person

B. Wang Li dislikes the person

C. Wang Li loves the person

2. Zhang Wei’s friends often call him “奇葩(qípā)” ironically. What does it mean?

A. His friends don’t get to see Zhang Wei very often.

B. His friends think Zhang Wei is a very outstanding man.

C. Zhang Wei usually acts in a way that makes friends feel awkward.

If you are not sure about the answers, please read the following to better understand.

Nowadays, in a large number of screen images there is a role is more and more attracting people’s attention. He is the “奇葩儿子(qípā érzi)” in the hot TV series “我的儿子是奇葩(wǒde érzi shì qípā), My son is a miracle.” You may feel curious about the word meaning of “奇葩(qípā).” How is the son? Let’s find the answers from the following text!

In the Chinese language, “奇(qí)” is an adjective meaning odd or rare. “葩(pā)” is a noun which refers to flowers or flora in general. When the two characters are put together, we can easily see that the literally meaning of “奇葩(qípā)” is precious and beautiful flowers. Take a look at the following example, using the literal meaning of “奇葩(qípā)”:


Xuělián shì huā zhōng de qípā.
雪莲      是  花    中      的  奇葩。
The snow lotus is a rare and exotic flower.

Currently, the word “奇葩(qípā)” is very popular amongst younger people on the internet. But, as you might guess, it has lost its original meaning and taken on a new one.

Because the character “奇(qí)” means odd, in net-speak, “奇葩(qípā)” is often used to describe someone or something that is very odd or unusual. A person who is a “奇葩(qípā)” always takes strange actions and does things that average people find to be out of the norm and perhaps hard to understand. Plus, the word adds a taste of ridicule and irony and can be used as both a noun and as an adjective.


Jim jīngcháng bù xǐliǎn, zhēn shì ge qípā!
Jim 经常         不  洗脸,真    是  个  奇葩!
Jim often doesn’t wash his face. He really is a strange guy!

Nà ge rén hěn qípā, méi rén xǐhuan tā.
那  个  人   很   奇葩,没 人   喜欢    他。
That person is really odd and no one likes him.

In the Chinese TV series, “我的儿子是奇葩(wǒde érzi shì qípā), My son is a miracle,” a son does things that you surly can’t even imagine. But why he is so unusual? Let’s check it out together!

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