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皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) Shadow Play in the Movie Kung Fu Panda 2 (Advanced)

Jun. 23, 2011

皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) Shadow Play in the Movie Kung Fu Panda 2


Key Learning Points (Preview):

皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) n. shadow play


欣赏 (xīnshǎng) v. to appreciate


Kung Fu Panda 2 is coming! This time it brings more insights to the audience, and the most attractive thing is the aspects of Chinese culture it shows: the beautiful classic music, Sichuan snacks, and the dialogue with typical Chinese characteristics. The most impressive thing of all is "皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) the shadow play" at the beginning of the film.

"皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) shadow play" is a form of Chinese folk art. In ancient times, shadow play was enjoyed by ordinary people in their spare time, and it was eventually made part of court life. And "欣赏 (xīnshǎng) appreciating" "皮影戏  (píyǐngxì) shadow play" was one important activity for the nobility in ancient China. "皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) Shadow play" first appeared in the "西汉 (Xīhàn) West Han Dynasty" about 2,000 years ago. It was the earliest animated film performed with human voices in the world, and many regard it as "the father of modern films."

Today, "皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) shadow play" is one of the symbols of China, and more and more foreigners have come to "欣赏 (xīnshǎng) appreciate" it. Being of precious cultural value, "皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) shadow play" has been added to China's National Intangible Cultural Heritagelist.

Key Learning Points:

皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) n. An ancient Chinese traditional folk art made withthe skin of donkeys, horsesand mules,andis produced through several strict procedures.


For Example:

Píyǐngxì hěn shòu dàjiā xǐ’ài.
皮影戏   很     受    大家 喜爱。


Shadow play performancesarehighly popular

欣赏 (xīnshǎng) v. to appreciate


For example:

Wàiguó yóukè xǐhuan xīnshǎng píyǐngxì biǎoyǎn.
外国      游客    喜欢      欣赏       皮影戏   表演。


Foreign visitors likeappreciatingshadow play performances.


西汉 (Xīhàn) n. West Han Dynasty,an ancient time from 207 BC to 25 AD in  China.


吸引 (xīyǐn ) v. to attract


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In the Chinese course, I get it that 皮影戏 (píyǐngxì) was brought to foreign countries in the 13th century and was highly appreciated by many world celebrities, and if you join the Chinese course, you will learn much more about this topic.

I learned its strict and exquisite production process in the Chinese course, and watched many Chinese operas performed through 皮影 (píyǐng) in the Chinese course.

Through my Chinese course, I learned that shadow play is a skilled performance art and the Chinese course is interesting.

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