Chinese Mini-test: When Will the Film Start? (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Choose the correct answer based on the following short conversation.
Yǐjīng qīdiǎn le, diànyǐng zěnme hái bù kāishǐ?
A: 已经  七  点  了,电影      怎么   还  不  开始?
It’s already 7 o’clock. Why hasn’t the film started?
Háiyǒu shí fēnzhōng ne.
B: 还有     十    分钟      呢。
There is still ten minutes before it starts.


Diànyǐng jǐdiǎn kāishǐ?
电影        几点    开始?
When will the film start?
A: 七点十分 (qīdiǎn shífēn)
B: 七点 (qīdiǎn)
C: 七点半 (qīdiǎnbàn)

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  1. I want to learn more about writing Mandarin. Here, I have a question: how is 7:45 written using Chinese characters?

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