Nursery Rhyme: 单韵母歌 (Dān yùnmǔ gē) The Song Of Simple Finals

This is a nursery rhymethat can help children learn the six simple finals (a, o, e, i, u, ü) in the Chinese pinyin alphabet.
单      韵母   六    兄弟,

The six simple finals are all buddies.
a,   o,  e,   i,  u,  ü,

a, o, e, i, u, ü,

Kǒuxíng dàxiǎo pái chéng duì,
口型         大小   排     成     队,

They stand in a line from big to small.
a shì lǎodà ü xiǎodì.
a 是   老大  ü  小弟。

a is the first and ü is the last.
Liànxí chànggē ā ā ā,
练习      唱歌     ā ā ā,

You can say āāā to practice singing.
Yǒu le yíwèn jiù jiào á,
有   了 疑问 就 叫   á,

You can say á to express doubt.
Bànxìn bànyí hǎn shēng ǎ,
半信     半疑   喊     声     ǎ,

You can shout ǎ to express uncertainty.
Míngbai guòlái cái shuō à.
明白        过来   才    说  à。

You can say à when you have understood something.
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  1. In Chinese pinyin, you should raise your tongue and push against the back of your lower teeth lightly, but the lips should be rounded all the time.

  2. Yes, but when this final is pronounced with these three initial constants (j, k, x), you should delete the two dots on the top of it, such as ju, xu in the Chinese pinyin alphabet.

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